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  • The strong plastic container is the correct size and shape to hold a lamb with a rubber sling to support it's body in the water.
  • The head hole is shaped to support the neck and keep the face out of the water to prevent drowning.
  • The tight fitting lid with clasp fastener retains heat and holds the lamb still, whilst the strong handles allow easy carrying of the Woollie Warmer.
  • The tapered base gives the Woollie Warmer stability, enabling it to be used alongside the ewe.
  • The insulation properties of the Woollie Warmer help keep the water warm.

Tube feeding colostrum.

Because of the huge benefits of tube feeding fresh/warm colostrum whilst the lamb is being warmed inside the Woollie Warmer, we have included a starter tube feeding pack. It is recommended that you ask advice from a vet if you are unsure how to tube feed. Replacement tube feeding packs are available at all good farm merchants.

See the Woollie Warmer in action.